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What to Expect From Us

Our practice is a one-stop health shop to your family’s wellness

Personalised Health Care

We offer professional and compassionate consultations with great care for our patients.

Extensive Care

We offer in-house comprehensive and holistic care for you and your family

Attitude to Resolve

We strive to resolve your health issues in as few consultations as possible.h

Research & Innovation

We work at every level to ensure you receive quality, research in rehab applications. we are on the forefront of innovation.

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Dr Mapula Mashatola​
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Our Medical Centre

We are here to care for your needs
CureWise Medical Centre and its team of professionals are renowned for creating a friendly, family orientated atmosphere, and the key to this lies with our staff.
Our team of registered doctor, dentist, Dermatologist, Physiotherapist, and Dietician are carefully selected for their ability to ALWAYS put our patient’s needs first and for their strong work ethic.
Our News & blog
Stay connected through our News & blog. Explore our Health & Wellness resources for help and guidance on how to live a healthier tomorrow.
Breaking down Covid-19 topics & myths
The COVID-19 pandemic has become the norm as billions are still impacted by the regulations and protocols in place in countries across the world. There are currently over 99 million across the world with over 2 million deaths.
Can children play sports safely during a pandemic?
Dr. Susan Huang, UCI Health medical director of epidemiology and infection prevention, tells the New York Times that children in team sports, especially indoor ones, should be wearing masks and observing other COVID-19 safety measures.